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Divorce and Separation

A P Bassett Solcitors do not undertake legal aid work of any kind and that effectively excludes our involvement in any matters relating to children. It is a personally held view of Paul Bassett, having been involved in some very difficult claims, usually where couples after separation live very far apart, but the involvement of lawyers in Court cases to decide what should happen with arrangements for the children are more likely than not to result in more bitterness and division. If you have to fight over your kids, then we are sorry for you, but going to Court to try and deal with that fight is not something that we want to do. Therefore, if that is what is developing, we will quite clearly tell you that we do not wish to deal with the dispute as to children matters and ask you to go elsewhere.

There is a massive role to play, however, for a solicitor in helping in a divorce or separation.  The sooner the parties can get to have some advice as to what they can expect to obtain from the matrimonial pot and what they should be doing to arrange for their lives apart when the marriage has broken down, the better. 

If this is the situation you face, then we are more than willing to discuss matters on an informal, non-chargeable basis for half an hour or so.

If both husband and wife agree that the marriage is over and the facts provide for a divorce, then it is possible to agree a fix fee to deal solely with a Petition leading to the obtaining a Decree Absolute. Our fixed fee in that instance is £600 plus VAT @ 20% = £700 plus the Court fee of £550 being a total of £1270. The timescale is between 4-5 months. 



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