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This is the bread and butter of our business. It is the reason why most people want to see a solicitor. Presumably, if you are looking at this, you want to sell or buy and if you were not a valued customer beforehand, you sure are now!

It isn’t the case that all registered land conveyancing is the same, but the public perception is that it is. If it is an unregistered property or a Leashold, fees reflect the fact that there is often more work to do.

We set out below our fees for our conveyancing services for registered freehold properties. That will cover 99% of what we have to do in conveyancing matters, though there may be one or two matters where it will be clear from the outset that considerably more work is going to be involved and then we shall give you a reliable estimate as to what you may have to pay. Otherwise, you can by and large go on the figures in the below schedule.

Registered Freehold Residential Land              Sale                     Purchase    

To £125,000                                                           £700 + VAT           £750 + VAT

£125,001 - £250,000                                              £850 + VAT           £950 + VAT

£250,001 - £400,000                                              £950 + VAT           £1100 + VAT

£400,001 - £700,000                                              £1350 + VAT         £1450 + VAT

£700,001 - £850,000                                              £1650 + VAT         £1750 + VAT

£850,001 - £1,000.000                                           £2000 + VAT         £2250 + VAT

Over £1,000,000                                                    £POA                        POA   

Plus bank transfer fees                                          £35.00 each + VAT

For sales or purchases of Registered Leasehold Titles and Unregistered Land please note we charge an additional sum of £450 + VAT in view of the additional work involved on such matters

VAT (currently charged at 20%.)

In addition to our fees, there will be disbursements:

Money Laundering ID Checks £25 per person

On a Sale - Land Registry Office Copy Entries are £3.90 each for the Register and Plan as charged by the Land Registry.Some times other Land Registry Documents are required.

On purchase - Land Registry Registration fees and Stamp Duty Land Tax will vary according to the value of the property. We generally ask for £350 up front on account of costs to cover the price of property searches. The price will vary depending on what searches are required but this can be established quite early on and will be included in our retainer letter. 

Post Completion on purchase where Stamp Duty Land Tax applies, has become an area of complexity and sometimes specialist advice is required as to which we will obtain an estimate as to the processing costs involved.

On Conveyancing matters that fail to complete we limit our costs to £450 + VAT per aborted matter. 

That's it!




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