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AP Bassett Solicitors - all sorts of legal problems resolved

Legal Services

There are times when you need the help of a solicitor and times when you don't. Not all legal matters or things to do with the law are complicated. We are always happy to help, even with the simple stuff, if you want us to, but quite often we can just point you in the direction or give some straightforward common sense advice at a sensible price.

Fixed fee interviews

We can advise over the telephone about a particular point or send a reply to an email enquiry. We suggest you try our 'Get An Answer' button. It's free!

But there are times when you need a chance to meet with a solicitor and talk through a problem. We are prepared to agree a fixed price interview fee with you, which could be from as little as £50 inc VAT.

"Fixed price" divorce fee

Some solicitors quote a fixed price cost for dealing with a divorce. This might seem like a good deal, but if you look carefully at the small print the cost is always for "straightforward" divorces. Complications will cost extra, of course.

In our experience there is seldom a straightforward divorce, each one is different and has its own special circumstances. We don't treat our clients to a "one size fits all" service, that's why we'd much rather have a free initial consultation about your circumstances before we quote you a fee. Please get in touch if you'd like to arrange this.

Online conveyancing

Some estate agencies offer a one stop shop to sell your home.....because they are linked as part of the same organisation, Countrywide comes to mind, or because they get paid a referral fee when you to sign up.  If you don't want to meet with the person who is conveying the property, and there are many who do not feel the need to do so, then one of these conveyancing sheds becomes an attractive proposition, because they will charge you less. But to do so they prefer to prepackage their information and rely on insurance policies to cover awkward questions, as they are not set up to deal with the problem issues that can arise, as quickly or as thoroughly as your local high street firm. 

Supermarket solicitors

Since October 2011 the Co-op has been promoting its legal services. A change was inevitable and the legal landscape is going to be different , but we think you will still want a chance to talk privately to a solicitor, as well as buying a product from a legal services provider. An off the shelf can of beans is not what we provide, but if you find a can of worms we can help you deal with it. 

There is nothing complicated about groceries - that is why we don't sell them - we know thats not our bag.

A P Bassett Solicitors

We really are friendly and approachable. We also think we are fair and reasonable when it comes to our fees. Why not give us a call on 01208 871485 or pop into the Lostwithiel office for a friendly chat to find out for yourself.


AP Bassett Solicitors - free consultations, home visits, flexible working hours in Lostwithiel and Bodmin, Cornwall