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Most businesses need the help of Lawyers at some stage. Our job is to give you the tools to develop your business. Your job is to run your business. We don't claim to be 'corporate': it is not our way. The closest we get to international mergers and acquisitions is helping with a business lease in Plymouth!  But because we ourselves are a small business, we know the needs and the issues facing you and us.

Whether you are launching a company, starting a partnership, buying, selling or leasing premises, or whether you are buying or selling a business, we can help you.  


Critics say that law firms are some of the worst offenders when it comes to employment of staff. We hope we have a happy workplace, but we do not imagine that you are looking for HR skills, but want to know your rights and responsibilities when things aren’t going right at work. It would be good to get some advice before the trust and confidence in each other, as employer and employee, breaks down, but usually solicitors are consulted after that has been lost.

There is a lot you can do for yourself, but the one thing we suggest you remember is that it is a fast changing world. There are dangers if you rely upon what may have been the procedures and practices which were current when you first set up in business. With the sale of a business there are TUPE and redundancy issues that can arise.

If it comes to a parting of the ways, as an employer you will want to ensure that having reached terms that those are ones that you can depend upon. A properly prepared Settlement Agreement can guarantee that.

In a market where jobs are scarce, an employee needs to be very careful before jeopardising the relationship with the employer, however difficult things become at work. There are usually two sides to a story.  An employer needs to have the opportunity to look at what is going wrong and to try and sort it out.

It is in neither parties interest for employment disputes to end up in Tribunal claims. We offer a free initial consultation with a solicitor for a bit of guidance, if there is a way for the working relationship to continue we will help you find it. If not then the parting can be sweet sorrow rather than bitter regret if handled properly.



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